RAIN's Educational Impact

This summer RAIN is focusing on the educational portion of our mission in accelerating hands-on STEM training for 6-12th grade students in our region. RAIN is implementing and sponsoring two programs to meet this goal.
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First is our BIOENGINEERING SUMMER CAMP. This free camp is open to incoming 9-10th graders on July 30 – August 3, 9am-3pm at RAIN. With the help of the Tacoma STEAM Network, RAIN is able to offer this camp free of charge to students, with the hope of involving more of our underrepresented youth who may not otherwise have these opportunities. Lessons at the camp include DNA cloning techniques, PCR, and electrophoresis. Students will work in the Biology Lab with our science team learning skills that will be needed by the future scientific leaders of our region. The Bioengineering Camp will provide the perfect background for upcoming applications to universities in the STEM education fields! RAIN is working to develop and support companies in our Pierce County region to employ these students as they enter the workforce. If you know a student interested in our camp, encourage them to visit our website and complete the registration forms.

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Additionally, RAIN has been named a GIRLS WHO CODE site. This club has a single mission “To close the gender gap in technology!” We are the only Club for Girls Who Code in Pierce County and recognize the imperative to promote girls and women in computer science. The Girls Who Code program has national traction in all major cities with strong infrastructure. We have a partnership with local university computer scientists and collegiate interns to help facilitate this program. The RAIN GIRLS WHO CODE  with will be open to all 6-12th grade girls, Wednesday from 3-5pm. This free program also develops pivotal internships from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Dell, GE and many more. We are excited for the opportunities this can offer to the developing women in our area.


If you are interested in learning more about RAIN or our educational programs that include high school and collegiate internships in Molecular & Synthetic Biology, our iGEM team that will compete at MIT in October, or other opportunities. Stop by RAIN for a visit or tour and more!

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