Mission and Vision


RAIN Incubator is a nonprofit in Tacoma, Washington dedicated to promoting innovation in life science through education and entrepreneurial support.


Thinking many years ahead to what we are working to achieve, we envision our city and region as being a major industrial and commercial player in the Pacific Northwest life science sector with a reputation for being the best in the world at what we do. Through helping to build a local innovation-commercialization pipeline and the prosperity that occurs as a result, RAIN will be inclusive, empowering, and inspiring to our community, friends, and neighbors.


We seek to create a brighter future for us all.
  • The enrichment of human resources through experiential learning opportunities and skill development for students.
  • The production of network effects through the facilitation of collaborative interactions between regional business, nonprofit, academia, and government entities.
  • The creation and commercialization of medical and life science technologies that improve the quality of life for citizens and military personnel and enhance readiness at the regional and national level.
  • The promotion of personal and environmental health.
  • The continued commitment to representing and leveraging the power of diversity.
  • The inception, incubation, and spin up of innovative startups that produce sustainable jobs.
  • The growth of a sustainable source of innovative and economic prosperity for the region.