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Testing For Covid in our Sewers

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, RAIN Incubator located in Tacoma, Washington, launched a pilot program to test and validate surveillance methods aimed at narrowing virus hot-spots in order to provide the best virus surveillance possible to public officials and our collective response to this crisis. Focusing on our neighbors in the larger Tacoma community, RAIN has been working closely with the City of Tacoma's environmental services division as well as numerous scientists, volunteers and public employees who are eager to use evidence-based approaches to virus identification and containment. Population segments were selected based on the City of Tacoma's unique topography and our ability to physically test and monitor the site. Factors such as socioeconomic status or current virus prevalence were not considered a selection criteria.

Courtesy of RAIN Analytics team - made with arcGIS by ESRI

Keep checking back here for more information on Covid-19, our sewage testing project, and an interactive map of our test sites coming soon.

"Usefulness of the data in the future is contingent upon having good data now."

— Carl Tappert, PE
Manager of Rogue Valley Sewer Services
Medford, Oregon

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