Wastewater Epidemiology

Early Warning System

RAIN Incubator wastewater epidemiology offers communities rapid response testing that provides an early warning system of coronavirus and other diseases, before symptoms and infection show up in the population.

Our advanced research and science has created the best and easiest way to test for SARS-CoV-2 in sewage systems.

We selected sludge testing as the preferred methodology for this type of testing. Because virus RNA is hydrophobic, it collects in fat making sludge a more accurate sampling method over flow testing. Flow testing measures to 15 copies of the virus. Our testing sensitivity is as few as 5 copies, and without the impurities created in the reductions required by flow testing. Flow sampling requires specialized equipment to collect and protocols for handling and shipping live contagions. That is not necessary with sludge testing. The sample is denatured on site and can be shipped through USPS or any other carrier of your choice.

We provide a 24-48 turnaround compared to the 5-7 days that other labs provide. We believe this time difference is critical for those seeking COVID-19 testing results, as slower results can make the data irrelevant. We recognize the need for good data now and work to provide it to you.

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COVID-19 weekly sewage testing and evaluation monthly.

  • Room temperature stable
  • De-activated for ground shipping sample kits provided
  • Protocol for sample collection and shipping
  • Sample analysis using Qrt-PCR
  • Results within 1 day after receipt of sample.
  • Report of results and recommendations—sample report available upon request

Single Site Service

RAIN Incubator offers testing to cities and municipalities seeking to test single sites.

  • 4 sample kits per month provided
  • One sample per week

Multiple Sites

For multiple sites, sampling is done on a monthly basis every 5-7 days.

  • 4-6 sample kits per site per month provided
  • One sample every 5-7 days

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