Monday, June 11, 2018

6:00 pm


7:00 pm

Trouble: where to find it and what to do, problem solving in the aerospace industry.  We all love those beautifully painted planes, but corrosion is the enemy. Dr. Olson has studied and tested many types of coating systems to protect both aluminum  and composite fuselage materials common to aircraft designs.  Throughout the history of aviation, all  aerospace companies have used Hexavalent Chrome as a paint system additive to protect against corrosion.  However, the toxicity of this material made it a poor choice long-term; a replacement was needed. Nels and the Boeing team went to work. The previous generation of tests were determined to be testing the wrong parameters to be predictive of in-service performance.  New tests were required that would better mimic the environments that aircraft experience.  Accelerated tests were needed to bring faster qualification of new paint systems. The Boeing paints and coatings team determined that a single test was not enough. When building models, if you have incomplete or uninformative data, you will not solve the problem.   Ultimately, the Boeing team outlined a series of tests that are designed to provide a more complete understanding of in-service performance and to identify the superior paint system of the future.  This talk shows the importance of smart engineering, system designs, and well thought out tests.

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