Partner Network

Collaboration is essential to creating our powerful culture of creativity and ambition that results in the intended source of economic prosperity in the City of Tacoma. RAIN understands that we are part of a larger ecosystem and that we can't do it alone. Here are some of our close partners:

RAIN has partnered with IPStreet, a  Northwest-based intellectual property analytics company, to provide cutting edge IP services to our client startups. IP is an essential component in the medical and biotechnology commercialization space, and our startups are backed with strategy, analysis, and proprietary insights.


Accelement and RAIN have teamed up to provide startups with an exceptionally experienced and diverse set of startup coaches, mentors, and resources. Combined with RAIN’s network of experts, startups have access to expertise and connections in everything from chemistry and medicine to medical device sales and digital marketing.

Patent Action Forecast is a premier legal tech company in the PNW. RAIN has partnered with PAF to train and protect our startups for the ever-increasing chance of unsubstantiated offensives by patent trolls.