Welcome to RAIN!

The Readiness Acceleration & Innovation Network

RAIN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit life science innovation hub in downtown Tacoma, WA growing local talent, companies, and jobs. We serve as the collaborative, boundary-crossing environment that serves to spark creativity and help innovators overcome the challenges they face by providing direct access to the people and resources needed to succeed.



Discover who we are, our mission, our goals, our partners, and ways to get involved.


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Are you an researcher, entrepreneur, or innovator in the life sciences or healthcare? We are here to help you succeed.


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Partnering with Keiretsu Northwest 

RAIN is a Network Partner of Keiretsu Forum Northwest and hosts Keiretsu meetings monthly. Members enjoy well-screened, quality deal flow, group mindshare in evaluating deals, and association in a powerful, intelligent group of professionals. 

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Be Boundless in Our Lab

RAIN has UW professors in our labs with close collaborations on projects. We also host many UW Tacoma students with other collegiate and high school students on many ongoing products.

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Partnering in Research

The MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation is a nationally renowned institution that conducts clinical trials and a wide array of medical research. RAIN helps to develop the workforce, attract sophisticated research talent, and grow a garden of life science innovation around the MultiCare Health System in Tacoma.