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Below you’ll find links to help navigate our job site (  Apply online if you find an interesting opportunity.  Keep in mind we update our job site daily, and our peak job/intern posting timeframe is November-February.  When applying online, remember to include all applicable job application requirements (defined by posting) into a single PDF for upload.


National Security Internship Program (NSIP) - 

NSIP = National Security Internship Program


Please share/forward this message with students, staff, and faculty that might interested in the DOE National Lab Opportunities.

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o   Community College Internship (CCI) Program - View/Apply

o   Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) Program* View/Apply

o   Tech Student – National Security Intern Program (NSIP) - View/Apply 

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o   Master Intern - National Security Intern Program (NSIP) - View/Apply

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o   Post-Bachelors National Security Intern Program (NSIP) - View/Apply

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·        All Post-Doctorate (or within 8 months of grad) - View/Apply

o   Linus Pauling Fellowship (Self-Directed) - View/Apply

Jobs/Internships by Academic Discipline


Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) Program* – View/Apply

·        Co-operative Opportunities (Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring)

*Be sure to select PNNL as your #1 Location.




A core mission of RAIN is to develop Tacoma’s diverse human resources through investing in the life science sector leaders of tomorrow. We currently have projects with university students, as well as local high school, and middle school students. Here is a one-pager showing RAIN's educational impact.
If you are interested in diving into an ongoing project or
starting your own...

Students working on DNA plasmids during their summer research project.

RAIN student-interns teaching techniques they’ve learned to younger students.

Students practicing their newly learned lab techniques.


University Students

RAIN offers powerful experiential learning opportunities for university students, undergraduate and above. UW Tacoma students have the potential for class credit and internships in science and business.

Contact Dr. Judy Nguyen, RAIN Head Scientist, or fill in the form below to learn more.

K-12 Students

RAIN supports STEAM learning for high school students in Pierce County and hopes to inspire bright young minds to explore rewarding careers in STEAM entrepreneurship and innovation.

To learn more about student opportunities or our STEAM program, contact Mandy Galuszka, the RAIN Education Coordinator or fill in the form below.

We welcome inquiry on the following:

  • Mentorship

  • Capstone projects

  • Internships

  • Student jobs

  • Site visits

  • Class projects

  • Research projects

  • Independent study



  • Social Media Manager - Help manage RAIN's social media platforms: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Accounting/Finance - Help with processing, analysis, and reporting.
  • Web Developer - Nurture and update website with images, research, student projects, start-up spotlight corner, monthly SoS update, and blog/newsletter. Build out website functionality.
  • Graphic Designer - Create engaging materials for RAIN public engagement.
  • IT Manager - Help develop an upcoming Hack-a-thon competition at RAIN. Build out facility functionality including IoT.


  • Environmental DNA (eDNA) Study - Developing assays for eDNA detection to monitor invasive, rare, or reintroduced species, specifically within habitats on Fort Lewis.
  • Environmental Monitoring - Develop a protocol and implement an Environmental Monitoring project for the Port of Tacoma.


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in finding out more about internship opportunities at RAIN.

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