RAIN Urban Kitchen

Coworking Kitchen Space

Come in and visit our commercial kitchen space in the heart of downtown Tacoma! We have 3 freezers and a walk-in cooler space available. There are 3 ovens, a flattop grill, and multiple stainless steel work stations and sinks.  If you have a small but growing food business and cannot afford to build out your own kitchen, the RAIN Urban Kitchen community has the perfect space for you at very reasonable rates!

jan parker cookery

  Jan Parker

“When she's not showcasing her mouthwatering skills at local markets, Jan dedicates her expertise to inspiring others in her craft. She's driven by her Filipino upbringing, military family, and hometown love. We can't get enough of her authentic Filipino cuisine!"



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Bona Fide Potents

Reverend Al -Albert McMurry

“Use Reverend Al's Bona Fide Potents to make your own natural sodas, enliven beer, wine and champagne, and make fantastic cocktails. Bona Fide Potents make unique and unexpected gifts for friends, family and most importantly, your beautiful self.”



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Crumbly bits

Pamela Olson

"Saving lives, one baked good at a time"




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Super Mario’s Kitchen

Mario Figueroa - 

“We started this kitchen with an end in mind, cooking a healthy cuisine to share with others. Our business is local, family owned, and made by our team with quality ingredients.”


Gritty City Gourmet

Elizabeth Wager -

Menus and meals that offer a healthy alternative to eating out or restaurant delivery.

“No time to cook? Leave it up to me. Home inspired meals from scratch, customized for your family.”


Tacoma Dough

Lydia Mautz -

“There’s nothing like the feeling of soft cookie dough caked to the roof of your mouth, or the taste of melting butter and crackling grains of sugar on your tongue. There are endless flavor combos that are sure to delight your taste buds!”



The RAIN Urban Kitchen is currently at capacity. Check back for future updates.