RAIN Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is hand selected for their commitment to leading the Mission of RAIN and unique backgrounds that enrich our organization. Our Board meets monthly and each position carries a 3 year term.

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Jeff Watts, Board Chairman

“I joined RAIN to support Professor David Hirschberg’s vision of developing a biotech industry in Tacoma by growing biotech talent, jobs, and companies here.  We need scientists, techies, and entrepreneurs, but we also need business folks and investors comfortable with new businesses and passionate founders. With my career primarily focused on investments in the private equity industry, I hope my contribution is to bring that business experience and perspective to this exciting endeavor!”

Patrick Keely, Co-Vice Chairman

I believe that Tacoma can become a nationally recognized Biotech hub. As a nonprofit life science innovation hub growing local companies, talent, and jobs RAIN is well positioned to develop core talent and company relationships that will lay the foundation for Biotech development in the Greater Tacoma area.  RAIN is actively providing hands-on experience for high school, vocational school and university students that aids them in bridging their academic studies into the applied science business environment.  As a Tacoma native I am excited to have the opportunity to apply some of my global leadership experience in pioneering innovative technologies in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries to develop a Biotech core in the Greater Tacoma area. 

Janet Kruzel, co-Vice Chairman

“I believe in the power of education and mentoring.  When I heard Professor David Hirschberg describe his dream, I wanted to become part of his team to make it happen, here in the Tacoma area. The hand-on experience RAIN provides students is a valuable bridge from thorough academic studies into real world settings. RAIN complements the systems in place, and is creating networks that can generate powerful synergies.  RAIN is an opportunity for me to contribute the investment, financial and analytical skills from my business career to the benefit of students and my community.”

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MarK Holcomb, Secretary

Founding Member

“The current growth in the Puget Sound region provides Tacoma with extraordinary opportunities.   One of Tacoma’s best assets is the strong universities, community colleges and technical colleges in the area.   RAIN provides a platform for our local students to (i) have a practical, hands-on education in the sciences and start-up businesses, (ii) be exposed to information and new technologies, and (iii) have opportunities to develop relationships and find employment in the local business community.  I am excited to be part of a unique organization that helps our students and community prosper. ”

Kristine Grace, DDS, MS, MBA

"The Mission of RAIN aligns with my belief that Tacoma can become a BioTech hub in the Northwest. RAIN combines the people, place, and power to accelerate projects that will advance growth in the life science sector and is uniquely qualified to do so. The relationship with our universities, healthcare organizations, secondary education centers, and governmental partners has strengthened our ability to grow research, provide training to students, and ultimately drive better products for the public."

David McCune, MD, MPh. 

Founding Member

"Since 2012 I have served as the Consultant to the Army Surgeon for Clinical Research. My goal is to increase the number and the size of clinical and translational research studies at Madigan. These efforts have resulted
in collaborations across multiple medical specialties and in collaborations between Madigan and
numerous commercial and academic research partners. This has increased access for military patients to
clinical research and improved the quality of care delivered at Madigan. My current focus is to create a
sustained culture of innovation and collaboration that will benefit the regional biotech sector, improve
academics at Madigan and in the region, and continue to work toward the triple aim (reduced costs, better
outcomes, increased autonomy) for military patients."

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Paul Amoroso, Md, mph. 

Founding Member

Dr. Amoroso joined the Institute in September 2011. He is a research epidemiologist with extensive experience in research administration. A specialist in Aerospace Medicine, Dr. Amoroso also has a background in Health Policy and Management. His primary research interests include leveraging technology and data to improve patient care, and building collaborative groups of investigators to conduct research on the cutting edge of medicine.

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David HirschBerg, PhD 

Founding Member

"Years ago, I returned to Tacoma with a dream of starting a life science incubator that would educate students, grow jobs, and turn out start-up companies for our region. RAIN is the recognition of that dream. My strength is in creating innovative spaces where people can collaborate develop skills and invent useful tools. RAIN is about rapid prototyping of ideas, demonstration of technology to investors and solutions to local problems. RAIN is about fundamental work from the bottom up. We want to be Tacoma’s hometown innovation center, a proving ground for technical expertise. We are developing human capital for the community."