Incubator Companies


Pacific Immuna Celkem

A Protein Science company passionate about Pulmonary Fibrosis Research, and offering a variety of scientific services for fee. Currently offering custom protein expression in microbial cells. Expression in mammalian and yeast host cells will be available in the near future.

We built a successful CRO two years ago in Seattle. We are doing it again with a new spin on service and scientific direction. Located in Tacoma Washington, we have partnered with RAIN Incubator. Check us out at and Science Exchange.

Odysseus Technologies

Odysseus Technologies, Inc has invented a new way to synthesize carbon nanotubes (CNTs). With this invention, Odysseus Technologies is poised to disrupt the multi-billion dollar materials and electronics industries, and launch a carbon materials revolution comparable to the industrial revolution.

Orneon Health

Personalized wellness startup developing home microbiome kits and analysis pipelines to interpret the communication between your body’s cells and the 39 trillion microbes that inhabit you. Orneon’s focus is delivering actionable results to monitor and improve your gastrointestinal, respiratory, and reproductive health.


Intense Process Technologies

Intense Process Technologies develops sustainable, cost effective manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and specialty chemical industries.  This is achieved by utilizing cutting edge reaction technologies that offer significant advantages in mixing, heat transfer, as well as greatly improved safety.  Intense Process works at the interface of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, and biology to build processes that require less capital expenditure, run with less energy and require less raw materials than those currently operating in today’s manufacturing plants. 

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NorthShore Bio

A leader in direct electrical sensing technology and services. NorthShore Bio is unlocking information never before discoverable through a proprietary next-gen molecular measurement platform.


Contracted Partners



SignalChem has established itself as a leader in the development of innovative cell signaling products to meet the needs of scientists in basic research and drug discovery. The company has utilized its core capabilities of cellular signaling, molecular biology and protein biochemistry to generate more than 750 products as part of its current and continuously expanding product portfolio. One area of particular strength for the company is the production of highly purified human recombinant enzyme and protein targets. With this ever expanding library of enzymes and protein targets, SignalChem has invested additional resources to perform profiling of compounds as well as the production and validation of high quality isoform specific antibodies which are intended to recognize a single target; the protein of interest.