RAIN BioHackathon

RAIN will host a regional BioHack this coming year. The Challenge Question will be released closer to the event date. The Mission of the Event is to create a product or App that will solve a local biologic problem. Registration for the Event opens in September.

                                                  -Grand Prize is $5000

                                                   -Runner-Up is $1000

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Event Details

The BioHackathon will initiate at 9am. 150 people from the region will have pre-registered and will then form teams  for a maximum of 30 teams. They will be given the “challenge problem” at 9:15 by Dr. David Hirschberg and the lead sponsor representative.  Discussions in the main area of  RAIN will ensue where teams can discuss solutions. Mentors from the community will be available to consult.

    At 10:30 teams  break to begin building technology, designs, and management tools to solve the BioHack. A Technology Fair will take place simultaneously where regional companies present with supplies that teams can utilize to build their product. Teams will conclude the event at 9am Sunday where presentations will commence. A panel of judges will determine the top project and funds will be awarded to the winner and runner-up. The intention is to fund an implementation plan to complete the project. The winning team has the option of taking the prize and implementing their Hack or allowing the fund to be awarded to another team.



  • Entrepreneurs

  • Futureists

  • Students

  • Hackers (Bio, hardware, software)

  • Technologists

  • Engineers (All types)

When  Date TBD

  • 9am-4pm

  • 9am-4pm

  • 9am-Noon


More Info

Hackathon Examples:

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