Alex Lineweaver, MS

Lead Lab Technician

MS (Chemistry, Emphasis Polymers) ) at Oregon State University


File_000 (1).jpeg

Brendan Studebaker


Premed and Global Honors student at UW Tacoma.


Dane Jessen

Chief Operations Officer 

BBA (Finance, Summa) ) at UW Tacoma, Startup Coach at Accelement.



David Hirschberg, PhD

Academic Liaison, Director of Research

Head Scientist and Associate Professor at the University of Washington Tacoma; Science and Technology advisor supporting the Joint Program Executive Office and Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC, US Army RDECOM).

John Inman, EdD

Director of Commercialization 

Lecturer at the University of Washington Tacoma and Startup Coach at CoMotion and Accelement.

Josh Haney 4.jpg

Josh Haney

Biochemist and Entrepreneur 

Chief Executive Officer of Footprint Bioscience

Judy Nguyen, PhD

Head Research Scientist 

Research Scientist ad Enertechnix Inc. 

Paul Amoroso, MD, MPH

Director of Clinical Medicine

Physician Executive and Medical Director of the MultiCare Institute for Research and Innovation.