Core Regional Collaborators

Keiretsu Forum Northwest

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RAIN is a Network Partner of Keiretsu Forum Northwest and hosts Keiretsu meetings monthly. Members enjoy well-screened, quality deal flow, group mindshare in evaluating deals, and association in a powerful, intelligent group of professionals. Additionally, the Keiretsu Forum community is strengthened through angel investor education events, social opportunities, and charitable giving. Keiretsu's goal is to fund great companies by carefully selected startup companies with 25-minute presentations plus 2-3 past presenting companies with shorter update presentations.

The University of Washington Tacoma

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With diverse waves of bright, ambitious students graduating every year, UW Tacoma and RAIN both seek to create powerfully unique learning experiences while developing the human resources that are necessary for a thriving life science sector in the region. 

RAIN enjoys a growing partnership with UW Tacoma and is collaborating on specific projects like Superheroes of Science. Your opportunity to contribute to this partnership as it develops will soon be just a click away.

MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation


The MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation is a nationally renowned institution that conducts clinical trials and a wide array of medical research. RAIN helps to develop the workforce, attract sophisticated research talent, and grow a garden of life science innovation around the MultiCare Health System in Tacoma.

Madigan Army Medical Research Hospital


Madigan’s mission includes readiness, which is the state of being prepared for whatever may come. The health and well-being of soldiers and civilians is a top priority for the United States Armed Forces. RAIN supports the army’s efforts to develop the healthiest and most resilient fighting force in the world, and Madigan serves the innovation community through clinical trials, expertise, and a bounty of research data.

Pierce County Executive Office 

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The Pierce County Executive has been held by Bruce Dammeier since 2016. Accountability and transparency are the hallmarks of good governance and genuine civic engagement.  It is important for Pierce County residents to know the funds they provide their government are being used in an effective and productive manner. Our Mission is to collaborate and partner with organizations like RAIN to deliver efficient, innovative, and reliable public service to enhance jobs and employment for residents of Pierce County.


The City of Tacoma

Tacoma is the “City of Destiny.” The City of Tacoma supports RAIN’s efforts to create a thriving entrepreneurial life science community and the innovative companies it produces. RAIN is working to educate, train, empower, and produce high-paying and sustainable jobs for the diverse people of Tacoma working toward a prosperous and thriving economy.

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Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network

RAIN joined in a partnership  nearly 50 organizations in the PNW to develop a partnership of incubators, accelerators, universities, investors and industry associations that have pledged to work collaboratively in support of entrepreneurs and researchers across British Columbia, Washington state and Oregon.