RAIN Incubator Labs

RAIN Incubator labs serve the needs of a variety of scientific operations, from proof of concept through clinical trials and commercial production. Our labs are flexible and well equipped with both large and small scientific equipment.

  • BSL 2 BioEngineering Lab

  • Industrial Microbiology Lab

  • Chemistry Lab

  • Dry Flex Lab

  • Medical Device Workshop


Tailor Your Own Work Space

Innovation is NOT one-size-fits-all. RAIN Incubator labs are fully customizable.

Flexible Lease terms

Start-ups & small businesses are unpredictable. Don’t get trapped in predatory lease terms. We work with our companies to make sure lease terms help you grow, not limit your potential.


Equipment Available

RAIN Incubator labs are stocked with a variety of small and large equipment available for use. We also offer equipment storage for those specialized machines you may need.

Don’t sacrifice I.P. or Equity

We’re here to empower YOU. RAIN Incubator will never take your intellectual property or company equity. It’s yours, keep it.


  • 24 hour access

  • Security system

  • Close proximity to public transit and freeways

  • 2 blocks from UW Tacoma

  • MultiCare Hospital System

  • Madigan Army Medical

  • Port of Tacoma

  • Conference Room

  • Office space

  • Kitchen & Break Area

  • 9,000+ sq.ft. Flex Space

  • Private Parking Lot

  • Receive mail

  • Wifi and basic IT services

  • Whiteboards & Collaborative Spaces


Our Equipment

  • Centrifuges

  • Thermal baths

  • CO2 Incubators

  • Microscopes (upright, inverted, inverted fluorescent, and dissection microscopes)

  • Autoclave

  • 500 gal fermentation tanks

  • DNA gel imager

  • Sonicator

  • Shakers and rockers

  • Analytical balance

  • Pipettes (micropipettes and motorized)

  • Stainless steel benches

  • Biosafety hoods

  • Chemistry hood

  • -80 freezers

  • -20 freezers

  • Cryogenic storage tank

  • Ice machine

  • Ultrapure water system

  • Thermocycler

  • Common reagents available for use

  • Reserved reagent storage for clients

  • Nanodropper

  • HPLC

  • Vortexer

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More than a bench

RAIN Incubator boasts a comprehensive network of impactful industry and community contacts to accelerate your growth and open new doors for your company.


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