September 3, 2021

September Newsletter 2021

David gets his blood drawn from Kiki

Blood Draws for COVID Antibody Testing:

During the pandemic, RAIN has been conducting blood draws that test for COVID-19 antibodies. The turnouts from the clinics have been growing steadily thanks to community participation. We have been finding a out a lot about the virus and how it reacts in various situations. Thank you Tacoma for your participation! We draw weekly at RAIN, so if you feel up to getting stuck, check out or Instagram stories to see when the next one is. With research like this, we can help give more good information to help us with our vigilance against the virus!

Daivon shows of his film reels

RAIN Employee Creates Makeshift Darkroom:

RAIN employee Daivon Veal is a film photographer who has a passion for his craft. In his time working at RAIN, he has taken a plethora of photos for RAIN that can be viewed on our social media and website. However, he encountered a problem when he started shooting more and more. The cost of development was expensive. He did not let this stop him however as he decided to convert one of the unused bathrooms in RAIN into a dark room for film development. We are very proud and excited that he took the initiative to create this on his own and that we were able to give him the resources to make it a possibility!

Chamryie and Kokneeka get a warm invite in front of Rusty

Summit interns begin at RAIN:

RAIN has always been a place where we invite youth in. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we have not been able to do as much inviting. However, we have established a strong relationship with the staff at Summit Olympus High School in Tacoma which allows us to house two students from their program to become interns at RAIN. We want to welcome Chamryie (Cham) and Kokneeka (Koko) into our home. Cham is interested in forensic science and hopes to work in that field one day. Kokneeka is interested in business administration and marketing and is looking to one day own her own company. Welcome ladies! We want to make this your second home too!

RAIN at night with lighting done by Landmark AV

RAIN Tours to begin:

We are excited to bring in some of our community members to see a special tour of RAIN. We want people to really understand what it is that we do and how we are helping impact our community. Guests can expect to see the entire RAIN facility, take part in a small (safe) science experiment, and demonstrations on how RAIN continues to become a beacon in the Tacoma community. Please be on the look out for invitations as we plan to send them out towards the middle of this month!

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