March 1, 2022

March Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

RAIN Recognizes Women Scientists in March

Celebrating Women's History Month:

March is Women's History Month and we think there is no better way to honor this month by recognizing women scientists that have made contributions to science. We will choose 4 to recognize over the month so we can give a more well rounded review of their life and what helped propel them to become the awesome pioneers that we read about and study today.

The Second Community Brunch Series Turn Out

Second Community Brunch Series:

Our second ever Community Brunch Series was as a big success and we have to thank our community for showing up once again. Our keynote speaker Jenefeness Tucker MBA gave a very informative talk about how to legitimize your business to look more appealing to groups that can give funds. Our performer B. Lyte delivered an exceptional performance that raised the spirits of everyone in attendance. Lastly, Lizzie Lou's prepared an delectable brunch that had our attendees going back for seconds and thirds. Stay up with us on social media to find out when the next will be so you can experience it too.

Waterversity Alumni Tevin Nangauta

Waterversity Alumni Lands Career in Water:

The first official cohort for Waterversity is drawing close to an end, and now the new graduates have some light at the end of the tunnel. Tevin Nangauta was part of the initial trial Waterversity cohort. He recently received a job at the City of Puyallup Water Treatment Plant as a Public Works Maintenance Worker 1 which he credits to his credentials received through Waterversity. We are all proud of him here at RAIN and wishing him the best of luck as he begins his new career. Congratulations Tevin!

Outreach Meets Outreach at Multicultural Family Hope Center

RAIN Meets with The Multicultural Family Hope Center:

It's always great to get to know our neighbors, especially when you share the same passions of building community. The Multicultural Family Hope Center is amazing if you have not heard about them already. They are here to help the entire family structure under one roof by providing programs for both youth and their parents. You can plan on some future programming between our two organizations in the near future. Thank you MCFHC for opening your doors and also coming to our facility.

RAIN Incubator Staff Meeting

The RAIN Staff Gains in Numbers:

It has been just over a month since we added some members through the Hire Pierce County program and our new staff is stronger than ever now. The pandemic has been very hard, but as we come out of it, we are looking to get back into our original mission of education. We have new lab technicians that are excited to dive into science. We have

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