July 6, 2021

July Newsletter 2021


"Our Mission is to Educate our Community to grow
Jobs, Talent, and Companies in BioTech."

UW Tacoma's RISC Team

UW Tacoma RISC Team Proof of Concept Design:

In the height of the pandemic RAIN Incubator took to the sewers to begin COVID tracing which has been found to be very effective in finding the hotspots in our community. While RAIN does enjoy helping our community stay safe and aware of where COVID is prevalent, the job can be a little dangerous for people when we consider placement of the manholes, the handling of the samples, and just being on the road in general. This is where UW Tacoma's Regional Infection Sample Collector (RISC) team came in. For a senior project, this group of student professionals monitored our process and developed a proof of concept design that would help automate RAIN's manual procedure. This device would be installed into a manhole and would take a sample based on a timer that is set via an app also developed by the RISC team. We would love to see this device manufactured for distribution because it can be used to help sample for so many things outside of just COVID and can help for early indication warnings of when the next pandemic hits. Thank you to Jordan, Dylan, Vu and Thu making this proof of concept.

Katie Condit, Olivia Samuel, and Will Hausa (left to right)

Waterversity Partnership Leads to More Opportunity:

It is predicted that there will be a severe shortage in water operators within the next 5 years in Tacoma and more in other areas around the country. Waterversity is a program developed by RAIN board member Will Hausa that is intended to train and certify the next group of operators. An individual who goes through this program and passes the test will be certified in over 20 states and will be making a starting average of at least $50,000 with no college degree required. We are very excited to announce a developing partnership with Work Force Central that will help us scale up to our goal of 200 operators by 2023.

RAIN Vaccination Team with members of Khmer Theravada Temple (Photo Cred. Daivon Veal)

In House and Mobile Vaccination Clinics:

Looking back on June we cannot help but to be a little proud of a few of our feats. By the month of June, RAIN tested over 8,000 members of our community, vaccinated over 4,000 and counting, and surveyed samples for the greater Tacoma area. Our vaccination clinics have taken us from our own home at RAIN, to Life Christian Schools, and out to east to Tacoma at the Khmer Theravada Buddhist Temples. We feel we are very fortunate that these groups let us in to their domain to let us vaccinate their members and learn more from them just as they may be from us.

The Beginnings of a Media Room at RAIN

RAIN Media Room Kickoff:

RAIN Incubator's media room is open and ready for content. It has been a long awaited time but we are very excited about the future and this room as we continue to develop it and create good meaningful content. You can look forward to having a series of podcast coming out of RAIN within the next few months that range from science, to food, to fashion, and even cryptocurrency and blockchain. We are excited to serve as a source of solid information for our public.

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