August 2, 2021

August Newsletter 2021

"Our Mission is to Educate our Community to grow
Jobs, Talent, and Companies in BioTech."

Paul Amoroso, Teresa Delicino (of Workforce Central), Tenley Cederstrand, and Will Hausa in front of Rusty

Waterversity Kickoff:

Waterversity, a program run by RAIN board member Will Hausa, began July 26th and we are more than ecstatic about it. However, it is not too late at this point to still register for classes. August 9th is the final date to submit for the first cohort. Applicants can expect to be certified as an operator in training after the course which is eligible in 20+ states with a starting salary of $50,000. In addition to this, RAIN is partnering with Workforce Central on this project to develop a stronger pathway for employment post graduation. It is very exciting to work with Workforce because we know that it will fill a much needed gap for many in our community and has the potential to reach beyond our area.

Summit Public Schools Partnerships:

Over the past few weeks we have gotten to know our neighbors down the road at Summit Public Schools Olympus and we found that we have quite a lot in common. They understand the importance of getting kids ready for their post high school endeavors at an early age just like we do. For those who do not know, Summit is a charter school with around 200+ kids in the heart of downtown Tacoma. In the short time we were visiting, we found out how much they care about education and the well being of their students. Be on the look out for future partnerships with Summit and RAIN Incubator. We have a great feeling about our newly found neighbors and how we can both bring prosperity to our local community

Crypto Currency Podcast with Kelvin and Bilori

Podcast Room Getting Some Use:

Last month we teased at the our new podcast room in the RAIN facility. Through out the month of July, RAIN's Kelvin Penn and community member Biliori Howard have been putting the room to use. They have started a podcast that centers around crypto currency and blockchain technology. This fascinating subject has a lot of obscurity to it just because of the lack of knowledge, but through storytelling and following of current events, they hope to make the information digestible and palatable for all, especially in Tacoma. Help them decide on a name because they are having a hard time deciding!

WSU Medical standing in front of Rustasaurus

WSU Medical School and RAIN Partnership:

RAIN is working on developing a partnership with WSU Medical School. WSU is putting a program together that will train students from our state who have aspirations of opening practices in their local communities because of a shortage of medical centers and providers in many underserved. That is why RAIN is looking to become a training center for students who aspire to get into the WSU program. Developing pathways like this create real change in our community that will allow for more people to be comfortable with their local medical provider.

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