March 24, 2022

April Newsletter 2022

Dash Jefferson visit to RAIN

Community Engagement:

With COVID-19 pandemic phases easing, we are excited about the opportunity to invite people back into our space! Over the last few months, we have been building up our contact list with organizations and individuals from around the Tacoma and Pierce County area and we have been thrilled to find many community members share our same passion of creating opportunity through non traditional pathways. We have many things in the works with collaborators across town and cannot wait to reveal to our supporters some of the things we have coming down the line.

Next Community Brunch Series on April 30th

April Community Brunch Series:

Spring is here and that means fresh ideas and springing forward, especially in business. Spring forward is the theme of our next Community Brunch Series which will be held April 30th at the RAIN Incubator. Make sure you stay tuned in with our social media so you can find out who our speakers and other special guests will be! We really look forward to hosting you at this wonderful event. Remember, the Community Brunch Series is RAIN Incubator's response to the lack of connection to business by the younger generation. The Community Brunch Series aims to connect aspiring and seasoned business professionals together as they learn about resources they can take advantage of in their local areas.

Congratulations Casey!

Casey Goes to Medical School:

We want to give a big shout out to one of our alumni Casey Starke for getting into medical school! While working at RAIN, Casey was very instrumental in RAIN's effort to monitor COVID-19 through sewage. He is currently finishing a paper with other RAIN staff and alumni that will surmise the findings that came out of this almost 2 year study! Casey will be attending Pacific Northwest University of Health Science and will be enrolled in their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program. Your family here at RAIN is rooting for you Casey. Good luck!

Bilori and Kelvin of the Neo Standard Podcast

The Neo Standard Calls on Its Community:

Many of our readers know The Neo Standard Podcast is an educational platform centered around blockchain technology and crypto currency. However, we want to have a real world presence and affect in our community. The cast and crew want to invite you to share your knowledge with us on our platform about the new frontier. These interviews will be shared via The Neo Standard Patreon channels. The goal is to create dialogue and a buzz around blockchain technology in our community. If you are interested in being a part of the discussion, you can contact us at or via direct messaging on the Neo Standards Instagram account.

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