Contract Service Capabilities

RAIN contract services allows your company to focus on the work you want, by handling the work you don’t. Whether repetitive processes or R&D pilot projects, RAIN consistently executes at a high level and at lowest cost. Arrange a free consultation.

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Examples of projects RAIN can execute for you:

  • Technical feasibility studies

  • Small-scale design and testing

  • Pilot-scale system development

  • Grant writing & impact statements (e.g. SEPA)

  • Clinical trial support

  • FDA compliance work

  • Double-blind study support

  • Collaborative problem solving

  • Specialized skill sourcing

  • Molecular cloning

  • Tissue/cell culture

  • Transcriptome profiling

  • Microbiome identification

  • Immunochemistry

  • In situ hybridization

  • Fluorescence microscopy

  • Plaque assays

  • High-throughput sequencing

  • Tissue sectioning

  • Mass spectrometry

  • Spectrophotometry

  • qPCR

  • Custom protein expression