BioSensors at RAIN

Biosensors have become a popular subject in both wearable devices and military technology. This technology can identify threats in our environment or disease in our bodies. Much of the research we are focusing on at RAIN is biologically inspired means to detect threats that can alert individuals and soldiers before they are endangered.

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Recently I was invited to a “biologic hackathon” in Tampa hosted by MD5 and SOFWERX that focused on designing and rapid ideation of a Human Response Biosensor for soldiers. My team spent 48 hours designing a prototype monitor to give real-time feedback for a military response team that will help save lives in the field. This type of research is being done in many areas of the military and here at our incubator at RAIN.

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This includes the recent 2017 iGEM project to detect Arsenic by a DNA based plasmid.  iGEM uses Synthetic Biology to solve many global problems including pollution, contamination, disease and many other problems that nations share across the globe. We are passionate about using Synthetic Biology to help solve these problems at RAIN. Join as at our next SuperHeroes of Science lecture or Science Breakfast to learn more.